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Via The Walking Dead Art

Funko POP! vinyl Hershel Greene pre-order!

Funko POP! vinyl Hershel Greene pre-order!

#SDCC14: Funko Memorializes The Walking Dead's Hershel Greene in Pop! Vinyl

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How to look like a farmer…..


Reblog this if only for Hershel in a hoodie.

Happy Holidays from the-walking-dead-amc !!! ♥ 

I Voted for The Walking Dead for Most Tragic Character Death 2013

What do YOU think is the Most Tragic Character Death 2013 of the year? Vote now in’s Best of 2013!

4.05, ‘Internment’

Tribute to Hershel Greene

SCOTT WILSON FANS: A lovely tribute page for Hershel has been created on Facebook. PLEASE ‘like’ the page, and share your comments and thoughts about our beloved Hershel Greene. Also leave a comment for Scott too. Share the page with friends…let’s keep Hershel alive through the fandom!!

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